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Liquor License Application
Obtaining a liquor license in the City and County of Honolulu, and in counties all over the state is becoming increasingly more difficult. Prospective licensees are required to submit lists of owners, lessees, and businesses within 100 feet and 500 feet of the establishment. Developing the lists requires a thorough search of City tax records and a visual inspection of the entire area. In addition to the lists, the various counties require the preparation of a detailed map of the area, broken down by tax parcels, and delineation of the 100 and 500 foot boundaries and correlation of the items on the list to the parcel numbers. After all that is done, a list of all registered voters within 100 and 500 feet must be compiled and submitted. After all the lists are complete, notices are sent to all listed individuals and entities. Any mistakes will result in denial of the application. 

Mailing Services

Hawaiiliquorlicense.com (HLLC) provides bulk mailing services, to make sure that the applicant complies with Liquor Commission requirements. HLLC makes its own mailing lists and mailing labels. HLLC’s consultants have worked on hundreds of applications over the years, and know how best to handle mailings as large as several thousand.

Entity Formation
Most owners choose to operate their businesses through a corporation, limited liability company or other entity that will shield the owner from personal liability. HLLC provides, through its align law firm, a comprehensive menu of business services, including entity selection, formation, and maintenance. HLLC provides the advice you need to pick the type of company to operate, and consultation on how to maintain your corporate or limited liability shield

Trade Name

Your business's name is distinct. Every liquor establishments must have a different name. The Liquor Commissions all require that the operator of the business be the owner of the trade name. HLLC will assist you in name selection, reservation and ownership. 

The Liquor Commissions require that a written contract be formed on which to base each transaction. All applications must include a copy of the contract. HLLC and its align law firm have been preparing written contracts for over twenty years, and have participated in hundreds business transactions. 

All applications must be accompanied by a lease for the business premises and an assignment of lease, showing that the buyer has the right to the lease. HLLC and its align law firm have been involved in leasing and lease transactions for years. HLLC provides services ranging from negotiation to documentation. Again, the firm has been involved in hundreds of transactions.

Engineer Prepared Documents
HLLC and its align engineer have the capability to prepare computerized drawings, maps and other visuals needed for the application. The tax maps are all expertly prepared and have proven over the years to be accurate. Not one map has been rejected in the past fourteen years that the requirements have been in effect. Floor plans are engineer drawn on computer. Gone are the days when hand sketched drawings are acceptable. For the past four years, the Commission has required that all drawings be architect or engineer prepared. 

Agency Documents
HLLC knows how to expedite obtaining required documents from the various administrative agencies, which include, among others, tax maps and floor plans, where necessary, voter registration lists, zoning clearances, Department of Health certificates, and others.

Construction Services / Design
HLLC has a professional engineer on staff and a number of affiliates who provide architectural and engineering design services. Services include development of plans and specifications, certification of drawings, building permit applications and preparation of "as built" drawings. 

The company, through staff or affiliates provides construction management services, ranging from management of an entire project on a turn key basis, to specific assignments. The services run the gamut. Staff has recently handled assignments as diverse as laying out dimensions of rooms to dealing with hazardous materials found on the premises. No job is too small. Contact the company for quotes on costs.

The company will perform a variety of consulting work on specific projects. For example, one owner may want assistance with design, and cost estimates for work. Another may want help in obtaining bids, evaluating the bids and contract negotiations. All work provided on a fee for service basis. 


Bulk Mail Services
We also do Bulk Mail Services to complete your mailing and submit the Affidavit of Mailing to the Liquor Commission at reasonable rate.